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Get set for a life changing experience and achieve spiritual peace through our Yoga and Meditation retreats. These Yoga Retreats take you to various enchanting locations like Chitrakoot, Khajuraho and more that have become prominent centers for Yoga and Meditation. These places are situated in the Nature's lap, dotted with many ancient temples and ashrams perfect for seeking peace and enlightenment. To make most out of your Yoga retreat, right planning and advice is required. We at Ananta Yoga have a great expertise at arranging the yoga and meditation retreats at the unbeatable price. Our especially designed yoga retreat offers you a perfect opportunity to experience the magic of yoga, reduce stress for a healthier and fulfilling life.

How to practice

India is the most amazing and the beautiful country known for its historical rich heritage and traditions. With its rich culture, India is also known for yoga and meditation, the ancient science through which our ancestors been healed and stay fit. Every year, from many parts of India tourism consists of the travelers who visit India to take part in the yoga retreat sessions and learn this art to stay fit and healthy naturally. Through these yoga retreat packages in india, we have brought a consolidated list of the places where travelers can visit and rejunvate their Body, Soul and Mind in the aromatic aura of the divinity.

Spiritual awakening

Our highly professionals of Yoga Instructors will guide you throughout the process and then you will help you in getting the best option for your Yoga trip.

With high expertise, especially designed yoga retreats and great supportive staff you will be getting an opportunity to get enchanting experience of yoga, through which your retreat will become stress free, healthier and fun-filling.

yoga meditation retreat program
3 Days
Starting from Rs. 15000 pp.

Intention : To provide a deep and clear insight into the process of yogic journey.

Yoga Retreat Package
5 Days
Starting from Rs. 30000 pp.

Enjoy The Yoga Retreat Camp at Khajurao for 5 days yoga tour.

Yoga Retreat Package
7 Days
Starting from Rs. 40000 pp.

Enjoy The Yoga Retreat Camp at Chitrakoot for 7 days yoga tour.

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Whether you are looking for some soul stirring encounter with nature, or relax your Mind - Soul and Body, this vibrant city has feathers of all colours adorning its hat.

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